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Loading and unloading service of Dai Nam

| Bốc xếp | 22/04/2020

Loading and unloading

If you are a small store, a small business, only provide a small number of products, you probably will not need this service. But imagine you are a large enterprise, specializing in supplying products with huge numbers to agents then surely you need to  dich vu boc xep , loading and unloading of goods.

Why use Dai Nam Loading and unloading service?

Dai Nam Loading and unloading takes delivery of goods at package prices, or at labor costs.

– Coming to the cargo handling service of Dai Nam Loading and unloading, customers are always served enthusiastically – dedicatedly by a team of professional loading and unloading workers, experienced in loading, unloading, lifting and removing. # 2.good, packaging goods, are in good health.

– Our company has all procedures and VAT invoice if customers request.

–  Loading and unloading service  of Dai Nam Loading and unloading service to customers at all times 24/24 including at night, on Sunday, holidays … with the most competitive price on the market.

– When you need to use the service of loading and unloading, Dai Nam Loading and Unloading will quickly send professional loading and unloading workers to the address where you need to  unload the goods.

Dai Nam Company would like to introduce loading and unloading service in Ho Chi Minh City as follows:

Service loading and unloading transport cars

Receive and unload goods 24/24 Including at night, and holidays in the year …

Service of loading and unloading at private houses, warehouses, ports, airports, bus stations …

Receive and unload goods according to orders

In addition, our company also has many specialized equipment, forklifts … for loading and unloading, loading and unloading if customers request.

The company can hire loading and unloading workers to handle hourly, daily, weekly, long-term ..

Dai Nam Company is expected to serve customers in the best way for reasonable prices.

Receive packing, dismantling down cartons

When you may need to use the service of loading and unloading, our company will quickly send professional loading and unloading workers to the address where you need to load and unload goods within 30 minutes.

In addition to Dai Nam Cargo Handling Service also provides additional services:

–  Cung ung lao dong

– Rental drivers, assistant vehicles

– Rental staff loading goods

We can only quote when we know that Customer’s needs are more or less done, usually all the providers of loading and unloading services are based on this: The volume of loading and unloading many loading rates will decrease. a little more than loading little, loading heavy, moderate or light bulky goods …

Please call to Dai Nam Loading and  Unloading  customers will be best served.

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